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Private Physiotherapy

About Private Physiotherapy

Unable to do the things you enjoy? Taking time off work? Pain, stiffness, weakness – these symptoms can get in the way. A visit to your local Physio First practice can make all the difference. Private physiotherapy offers you flexible appointments and provides professional assessment and treatment to ease your symptoms, leaving you free to get on with life.

Private Physiotherapy Treatment

Private Physiotherapy
  • Physiotherapy is a medically recognised treatment
  • You can visit a private Physiotherapist without a Doctor’s referral
  • Private Physiotherapists offer flexible opening hours to suit busy lifestyles
  • Physiotherapists are skilled in diagnosis and experts in rehabilitation
  • Physiotherapists will take time to answer your questions
  • Physiotherapists use a variety of techniques so ensuring optimum recovery
  • Physiotherapists will advise you on self-help techniques
  • Physiotherapists will show you how to minimise future recurrences
Physio First Practices

Physio First practices provide treatment for a wide variety of conditions. Patients frequently visit with muscle or joint related symptoms like back, neck, shoulder or knee pain. These symptoms can develop suddenly during sport / DIY or gradually as a result of long-term damage. Physiotherapists are experts in rehabilitation after orthopaedic surgery when the correct exercise and advice can make all the difference.

Some private physiotherapy practices offer treatments for stress incontinence, fracture healing, breathing problems and neurological conditions like strokes. To find out what treatments your local Physio First practice offers phone the practice directly or use the Find a Physio section of

It’s always advisable to seek treatment as soon as possible. Early treatment can mean a quick recovery with less time off work or away from leisure activities.

Quality is important to Physio First

Our members are regularly involved in collecting data on the effectiveness of private physiotherapy for example;

  • Patient satisfaction – patients return to our practices and are happy to recommend them to others
  • We make time for you, treatment sessions range from 30–60 mins
  • We help you to meet your individual targets – most patients reach all or most of their goals at the end of treatment.
Medical Insurance Companies

Some patients have insurance that will cover part or all of the costs of their physiotherapy treatment, depending on the terms of their policy. Most Physio First practices are recognised by all the major insurance companies. Check first with your local practice.

Giving You Confidence

Physio First members are all members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and are subject to their code of professional conduct. This code requires members to maintain the highest standards of professional practice and guarantees that they are fully insured. All Physiotherapists are also regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council and required to update and improve their skills on a regular basis.

Where can I find my local Physio First Practice?

Physio First has around 4000 members throughout the UK so there should be a private practitioner close to where you live. The back page of this leaflet has a clear space for  your local practice to display its contact details or use the Find a Physio section of our website